How Does Healthy Soil Impact the Quality of Your Pasta?

Plants growing in healthy soil.

To answer that question, we need to take a step back and look at how healthy soil affects the quality of crops and our health generally. Healthy soil is critical to all life on earth, including our own. Not only would healthy soil improve our health directly through the production of more nutritious food, it […]

<strong>The Gift of Being With Others for the Holidays</strong>

Bring light during the holidays

If nothing else, the social isolation of the past couple of years have reminded us about the importance of, and, yes… the sheer joy of being with others. Many families were broken apart during the pandemic, unable to see each other except perhaps through very unsatisfactory virtual connections. This is still the case for a […]

<strong>Italian Cuisine Keeps it Simple and Fresh</strong>

Simple and fresh ingredients

Until 1861 Italy was a collection of diverse states. Each region had a distinct culinary tradition based on the terrain and what grew best. The North was completely different from the south, as was the coastal region compared to the mountains. These regions have maintained their unique identity right up to today. After unification, the […]

Challenges and Benefits of the Family Meal

Thanksgiving family meal

Here in Canada, we just celebrated Thanksgiving, an occasion where family members gather together to share a home-cooked family meal and give thanks for all their blessings. We give thanks for the food and we give thanks for each other. This annual ritual of gratitude is all the more precious since it is hard to […]

Why it is Important to Know Where Your Food Comes From

Shop at farmer's markets to know where your food comes from

Last month, we gave a big shout out to our farmers here in Alberta who work tirelessly to feed Alberta, Canada and the world in an ecologically-responsible and sustainable manner. We sincerely appreciate what they do for us. Alberta farmers know that producing a quality product is the best way to support their business, the […]

Thank You Alberta Farmers

Thank you Alberta farmers

Let’s Pasta sources most of the raw materials we use to make our pasta products locally, here in Southern Alberta. Luckily for us (and for you), Alberta is an agricultural powerhouse. Endowed with expansive sweeps of nutrient-rich, arable land, plenty of sunshine and an extensive irrigation system, Alberta produces about 49% of Canada’s total production […]

Slow Down and Smell the Pasta: The Slow Food Movement

Slow Food Movement - Rome

Most of us live the Fast Life, rushing from job to home to multiple activities, never catching up, never a moment’s rest. We sometimes even eat standing up, on the way to the next thing, never tasting a bit of it — just shoving it in unthinkingly. The Slow Food Movement was started in response […]

Ravioli vs Tortellini

Ravioli vs Tortellini

Making a ravioli vs tortellini comparison, or even simply trying to determine similarities and differences, can be a very subtle and complicated endeavor. The almost infinite number of Italian pasta shapes and uses has developed and evolved over centuries, and the threads of their developments don’t progress in a linear fashion. They sometimes criss-cross, sometimes […]

3 Key Health Benefits of Durum Semolina Pasta

health benefits of durum semolina pasta

Most pasta is made from durum semolina. Durum refers to an older species of wheat (Triticum turgidum) and semolina is the coarse flour that is produced from this wheat. Durum wheat is grown in the spring and harvested in the fall and grows very well in hot, dry conditions. Canadian Prairie Durum is the best […]

Fresh vs Dried Pasta: Which is Best?

Fresh vs dried pasta: making pasta at home

Originally, Italian fresh pasta was made to be eaten right away, while dried was ideal for transportation and storage. Of course now-a-days we can have the best of both worlds: fresh frozen pasta, with all the delicious taste and texture of fresh home pasta combined with the convenience of dried. While we’re partial to fresh […]

Why is durum semolina the best for pasta?

Durum wheat grain

High quality pasta starts with quality ingredients. Since there are not many ingredients in pasta, often just one, it had better be the highest quality ingredient possible. That is why we make our pasta with the best durum semolina we can find. It just so happens that some of the best durum semolina is found […]