3 Key Health Benefits of Durum Semolina Pasta

health benefits of durum semolina pasta

Most pasta is made from durum semolina. Durum refers to an older species of wheat (Triticum turgidum) and semolina is the coarse flour that is produced from this wheat. Durum wheat is grown in the spring and harvested in the fall and grows very well in hot, dry conditions. Canadian Prairie Durum is the best […]

Fresh vs Dried Pasta: Which is Best?

Fresh vs dried pasta: making pasta at home

Originally, Italian fresh pasta was made to be eaten right away, while dried was ideal for transportation and storage. Of course now-a-days we can have the best of both worlds: fresh frozen pasta, with all the delicious taste and texture of fresh home pasta combined with the convenience of dried. While we’re partial to fresh […]

Why is durum semolina the best for pasta?

Durum wheat grain

High quality pasta starts with quality ingredients. Since there are not many ingredients in pasta, often just one, it had better be the highest quality ingredient possible. That is why we make our pasta with the best durum semolina we can find. It just so happens that some of the best durum semolina is found […]

Why Let’s Pasta Supports Sustainable Agriculture

durum wheat

Here at Let’s Pasta we are dedicated to healthy food, healthy families and healthy communities. So, of course, we support sustainable agriculture! They are all intimately tied together and in this article we explain how. Sustainable vs Industrial Agriculture Sustainable agriculture is a holistic approach to growing food that goes beyond economic growth, important as […]

Let’s Pasta Featured in Alberta on the Plate

Rocco and Tony Let's Pasta

Let’s Pasta Featured in Alberta on the Plate Let’s Pasta is dedicated to supporting local Alberta farms and sustainable agriculture. Alberta on the Plate, a website that promotes Alberta’s food stories, recently posted a great article celebrating Let’s Pasta’s involvement with sustainable agriculture called “From Alberta Grain to Italian Flavour: the Story of Let’s Pasta.” […]