About Us

Our Story...

It all started in Amantea, Cosenza, Italy where our father/grandfather and his twin brother would wake up at the crack of dawn, load their garden grown vegetables and hop on their donkeys for their journey. They would travel down the dusty, winding roads for kilometers and sell their vegetables to support their families. Don’t kid yourself, donkeys are no fools. They knew where to stop in each town for the brothers to sip a glass of vino at their favourite taverna. As road maps are spotted with dots representing towns, the donkeys knew the dots on the map serving glasses of wine and laughter.

Obviously, we didn’t have much other than the vegetables we grew, and the food provided from it. Yes, we were poor and had little, but our family table was always full of food, laughter and good company. Most of all, we had each other.

From an early age, we were taught 3 key fundamentals…

1. Happy families grow together.

2 .Happy families know where their food comes from and are stewards for their land.

3. Happy families eat together.

To this day Let’s Pasta has adopted this in our business. Our vision is one of a family growing and sharing together to create family memories while supporting sustainable farming practices. Our purpose is to “Grow Together” with our network of chefs, customers and farmers. We will achieve this through our vast, sustainable agricultural network and the families growing with us. We will accomplish this by supporting sustainable agriculture processes and watching generation-old farms flourish for generations to come.

Let’s Pasta has created a niche in the marketplace by affording busy families a quality and convenient food option. Meals no longer need to be ordered through a drive-thru window and eaten in the family’s SUV on the way to hockey or dance. We envision you sharing your table and allowing Let’s Pasta to create convenient, traditional Italian meals for families while simultaneously building your family memories.

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Sustainability is who we are

The world’s population is exploding and there is immediate concern for where our food will come from in the near future. By addressing sustainable agriculture and supporting generational farmers who maintain their soil and preserve the small amounts of water God gives us, our farmers will thrive for generations to come and we will be able to source raw materials from clean farming practices for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

From a circular perspective, in the past 3 years, we have reduced landfill waste by over 15 tonnes per year and established a cardboard and aluminum recycling program. The most efficient electric motors have been installed on most of our equipment; options are being considered for solar power to fuel our facility.

From these humble Italian beginnings, Let’s Pasta is producing some of the finest products for today’s consumer. With an emphasis on supporting the highest quality local sustainable farming communities in Alberta and Western Canada, we produce the finest artisan Ravioli, Tortelloni Gnocchi and Sauces. Let’s Pasta – “Growing and Sharing” together to create memories while supporting sustainable agriculture. Premium Pasta – Authentic Italian – Made in Canada!

From our table to yours, Salute e Buon Appetito!