In the tradition of Italian Heritage and cuisine, we use only the finest ingredients available to produce our generation old recipes.


A Let’s Pasta consumer favourite since 1994. Our delicate tomato sauce takes on a new creamy flavor profile. The most heavenly rosé sauce ever created.

Let’s Pasta Code: R670001 – S
Retail 25 x 350 ml


A true taste of the well-known Italian sun ripened tomatoes. Light and a wonderful accompaniment to any pasta dish. Use on its own or you be the gourmet and sauté your favourite ingredients and add sauce.

Let’s Pasta Code: R670002 – S
Retail 25 x 350 ml


A rendition even Alfredo himself would be happy to have named after him. A harmonious blend of whole milk and cream, seasoned to perfection. This Alfredo is a real crowd pleaser. Try some today.

Let’s Pasta Code: R670003 – S
Retail 25 x 350 ml


Western Canadian beef with onions, garlic, tasteful seasonings and Italian plum tomatoes simmered slow for optimum taste. This sauce will bring you straight back to the Italian countryside.

Let’s Pasta Code: R670007 – S
Retail 25 x 350 ml


A sauce that is very rich and full of cheddar taste. Try this for your next gourmet mac and cheese

Let’s Pasta Code: R670008 – S
Retail 25 x 350 ml